A La Carte

for the lovers who's best day ever doesn't fit in a package


All my wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session because I would LOVE to get to know you before your day. I can showcase my true self and we can bond so the first time we get to hang out isn't on the day of! But if you are just wanting engagements for now, the options available!!


Wedding Attire

You have a pretty dress and a handsome tux and you want those pretty photos under the mountains that are 3 hours away from your venue?
Here ya go ;)
It's a perfect excuse to get all dolled up again & go get THOSE PHOTOS. You know. The ones that make your jaw drop.


Bridal Boudoir

You want some spicy pics for your love for maybe a wedding present? I see you ;) Or maybe you want to document this part of your life with images to help build your confidence! Believe me, you HOT! Either way, these would be so special to have & look back on.
*does not include a booked studio/airbnb


Hourly Rate

Time is precious on your wedding day, & if you don't need me there all day, then this is perfect for you. 
This is perfect for those wedding days where you celebrate the ceremony or the reception. If you're doing a temple exit, this may be for you!


Day After Session


We're Eloping!

Why didn't you message me ASAP?! Let's talk about what your dream elopement looks like and how I can better service you! Traditional weddings aren't for everyone & honestly, I wish we had eloped ourselves.
We'll talk about what would be included & what the next steps will be!! 
*does not include travel/board

Starting at $1600

You just got married. But your honeymoon isn't happening right now & and you still want to celebrate. A day after session might be just for you!! 
We can go explore and pop some champagne and reminisce on the crazy that was your wedding day!
Just because your wedding day is over doesn't mean we can't keep the party going at least one more day.


My job here is to make sure you don't worry about your photographer missing any of those intimate moments. I am your personal paparazzi all day.

01 /

Once I arrive, I'll make sure to soak in the fact that I get to be there with you. It is an overwhelming feeling. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! After saying hi to everyone, I'll begin shooting all those precious details you've worked so hard on.

02 /

I'll be there for you. Making sure I have tissues on hand for when it hits you that you've married your best friend, or giving you that pep talk before you walk down the aisle. You have put together this day for months--maybe years! I want you to enjoy every sweet second of it.

03 /

From my experiences, wedding days can be stressful. I make it a goal of mine to make sure you don't feel any ounce of that. I will be whatever you need me to be, as long as you both are happy, I'm golden. 

04 /



Enhancing your magic.

I'm super passionate about how I take your best day ever and enhance all of the love I captured. It's not throwing some fancy filter on it and sending it on it's way. It's creating something breathtakingly beautiful you'll be obsessed with looking at forever.

After your day, I back up everything. Twice. This is a day you can only live once and having back ups of your photos is one of the most important tasks. I begin sifting through each photo, giving it all my attention and asking myself if this specific image retells the story of your day.

Being able to relive it all is a feeling I cannot even describe. It's like being there together all over again. The squeezes, the kisses, it is one of my absolute favorite parts of editing. I'm grinning like a psycho the entire time I'm preparing your gallery. 

Fine Art Albums, Handcrafted Memories

No one talks about how important it is to print your images. I think of wedding albums like how I think of books. Holding a physical copy of my favorite book is so much better than staring at a screen. I don't understand why that releases so much serotonin for me lol, but it's just a different feeling. 
Investing in a wedding album to tell your story is exactly like your favorite book. It is a perfect keepsake to have and display on your coffee table. When you're bored, you can flip through that favorite book and smile, laugh, and shed a tear or two because it will feel like it was only yesterday when you and your bestie officially + legally became forever. 

I cannot say enough good things about Hailey and her business. She went above and beyond to capture every detail on our wedding day!  You can tell from her photos how passionate she is about her job. I wouldn’t have anybody else capture special moments❤️





Not engaged or married, but want those sweet intimate photos to document your love? No prob ;) Every couple deserves to have images whether they're engaged or not! You don't need a ring to have photos to hang on your wall! 

I offer couples sessions for all the lovebirds and would be thrilled to tell your story!!

Your Journey's Just Begun


I love capturing families because little ones grow up way too fast. The love a family has isn't like any other type of love. It's unconditional no matter what. If you're not documenting every step of your family stages, now sounds like a beautiful time to start!

I will never say no to any part of your life you want documented. Click below + we'll build a session just for you.

Documenting every stage of life



No love story is the same.
We all write our own.
I'll help illustrate it.