HeY, I'm hailey.

I'm an Idaho local with a love for the greater outdoors. Nature is one of my happy places, right alongside with my comfy bed and a really good book. I'm a total introvert until I get behind my camera, it's been life changing for me and has helped me meet so many crazy cool people!

I'm so passionate about love. Like. I love love. And being able to capture such intimate moments at weddings is the BEST part of my job! Every single one of my couples have their own unique connection, and being creative while illustrating that love.

Yeah, yeah, okay. What else do I do besides shoot? I do have other hobbies, I promise. I work as an x-ray tech too, and it's a great way for me to help out our community! I grew up wanting to help people for a living, and it's kinda cool I get to for two different gigs. :) Hiking, fishing, and lovin' on my fiance + pupper are really high on my favorites list. 

I can't lie, sometimes it can be exhausting. But I've never felt more fulfilled. Doing what I love makes it totally not feel like work. I have found some of my closest friends through photography, and I hope to have you in my corner too. :') 

A little about me






I love being able to create. It's such a crazy passion of mine. I found out this is something I wanted to pursue in 2016, and it's been filling up my soul completely.

The creativity is never ending. It's a positive outlet for me when things get to be a little too much. You can make literally anything come to life. And life is so freaking beautiful to not capture every second you can. 

I also can't even begin to describe how the creative community makes me feel. Everyone is so kind and helpful. We all truly want to see every photographer, videographer, graphic designer, etc, make it in this field because it is truly so so so special. The environment is unlike any I've ever been a part of. 

Also, the PLACES YOU GO!!!!! Being able to travel and see areas of the earth I never would be able to see otherwise is so incredible. To the right, that's my cute friend and I at our Big Sky Content Retreat! Had a blast hanging with models and attendees and had the time of our lives :)

Nothing quite inspires me
like photography does

What inspires me


My support system includes my lover, my ross boss boy, and my friends and family, and they truly keep me going. They keep my spirit alive, even when I can feel a little burnt out. They remind me why I do what I do when I'm having a tough time remembering on my own--because let's be real. This job is a fulfilling job but it's still hard work!

Every shoot is something new, something different. I could take 6 different couple sessions and no 2 would look the same, because every love is SO UNIQUE. Knowing I'm giving my couples a beautiful piece of artwork they can hang in their home is insane!!! Because my couples are MAGICAL AND PIECES OF ART.
It makes me feel like Picasso ;) 

Photographers are all different, we all have such different designs and styles. It's important to find the one who makes you feel like art. Please, for me, choose the one that makes you feel like the beautiful piece of artwork that you are.

Faces become crinkled with lines of love and life, and our bodies break down on us far too soon. Images are the only answer to illustrating a moment in time. Memories can fade. Don't let yours fade. 

This passion is a rollercoaster.
And I couldn't do it without my
support system.



The worst part about weddings is how fast the day flies. 

It's my least favorite thing and I wish I could extend the day because one moment, you're feeling the emotions, all the happy tears and the belly laughs, and the next, you're packing into the getaway car. I want to make sure you get the most from your day.

I will be there every step of the way. I've been photographing weddings since I was 19 and I've learned a lot. And I mean, a LOT about weddings. I know the ins and the outs of how they run and how we can best utilize the venue and the dissipating light. I can be there every step of the way for you. Starting out with our face-to-face coffee date (in your fave cafe or through a screen), our up-to-date chats, to the big day when your closest girlfriends are helping you get into your dress and your soon-to-be forever is in the other room with their support system trying to calm their nerves. It's going to be your best day ever, I promise.

And through this whole day, I will be there capturing all those moments behind doors you don't always get to see. Making sure every moment and hug and smile is documented for you forever, so that you don't have to worry about seeing all the things. I gotchu boo. 
And don't be embarrassed if you see me on the dance floor gettin' down to the cupid shuffle with gram. Your grandparents are going to love me ;) and I'm going to be a part of the fam by the time the party settles!! I want you to get into that tastefully decorated getaway car without feeling like you're missing out. 
 You're going to have quite the photo gallery to look back on.

I'm your dress fluffer, your pre-ceremony hype woman, and your creative third wheel.



And okay, so what. I'm a milennial enjoying milennial things. I'm not ashamed of that until my little siblings remind me of how "uncool" I am. I might spend a little too much time on social media (Tiktok if we're being honest here). If we can't enjoy the little things in life then what else is there?!

On my days off, I love sitting on the couch and bingeing Criminal Minds with my lover. Our current favorites are anything crime, and anything Marvel- okay that last one is more me than Eric but he enjoys them too... I swear. We love being outdoors though. The pine trees, the brisk breeze, the uncomfy hiking boots-- that's our jam. The best part though is just getting that quality time with my favorite human and soaking in God's creations. 

I also love traveling and seeing new parts of this earth that I've never been able to see before. My last trip was to the PNW and I fell in love with everything about it. Exploring this beautiful planet we have is something I'll always be passionate about because there is SO much I still want to see in this lifetime. 

I could go on for days about my passions, but we'll have plenty of time to get to know each other while we sit and plan your best day everrrrrr! Out of all the souls on this planet, it'd be an honor to be the one you choose. Whether it be 10 miles from me or half-way across the globe, I'd do anything and everything to prove to you that you deserve someone who's going to be there always. Not just your wedding day. I'm going to be your hype woman forever and ever.

Can't shake me ;)

I would kill for some avocado toast right now.


She’s a total sweetheart and puts so much love into every session. I will always recommend her to anyone looking for someone to TRULY capture the most special moments.


I cannot say enough good things about Hailey and her business. She went above and beyond to capture every detail on our wedding day!






In the end,             is enough. 
          will always make our world go               


No love story is the same.
We all write our own.
Let me illustrate it.